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Tecnomar 63 For Lamborghini Superyacht Hit The Water

Tecnomar 63 For LamborghiniTecnomar for Lamborghini 63 hit the water in Marina di Carrara, Italy – the project is a collaboration between Italian Sea Group-Tecnomar and Automobili Lamborghini. Inspired by the performance of Lamborghini supersport cars like Sián FKP 37, the carbon fibre speedboat is powered by a pair of MAN V12 engines with a total of 4,000-horsepower allow the yacht to reach the impressive speed of 60 knots.

Inside, materials were chosen for weight and function purposes combined with the best craftsmanship tradition of Made-In-Italy – iconic elements of the Lamborghini design, such as hexagons, clean lines, Y. Colors and materials are, 100% customizable through the program.

”One of the biggest challenges was maintaining a very low profile like the sports cars, because on a yacht you need a certain head room for comfort,” says Gian Marco Campanino, art director at The Italian Sea Group. “It was a balance between making everything as light and sleek as possible, but also robust and vibration free.”Tecnomar 63 For Lamborghini starts at $3.5 million. No word on how many units have been sold to date, but only 63 will be made, the 63 references the yacht’s length in feet and Lamborghini’s 1963 foundation. Any takes?

MMA champion Conor McGregor took to his Instagram page to show off the dark green superyacht with the caption ‘”My Lamborghini yacht is ready”. It’s safe to say that Conor will be enjoying the open waters soon, and I can’t wait to see it in action.


Watch the official video of the press event below.

Images Courtesy of Italian Sea Group

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