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Koenigsegg Gemera Is The World’s Most Powerful Production Car

Koenigsegg GemeraIntroduced as a concept car in 2020, Koenigsegg has unveiled the official production specifications of the four-seat Gemera, and customers can expect deliveries to commence in 2025. Swedish manufacturer has taken the already astonishing three-cylinder, four-seater, 1700bhp Gemera to new heights by incorporating the twin-turbo V8 engine from the Jesko. The result is a more powerful and technologically advanced version, boasting an incredible 2,300 hp and 2,750 Nm of torque. With a reconfigured hybrid system and a new powertrain, the Gemera has now claimed the title of the most powerful production car available.

“The Gemera HV8 is not only the most powerful and extreme production car on planet Earth, with an astonishing 1.11hp per kg, but it is also the most practical and user-friendly sports car ever created,” said founder Christian von Koenigsegg. “Its incredible response, handling, engine sound, crisp transmission, spacious interior, and four-wheel-drive systems combine to create an unprecedented and unparalleled driving experience, ready to set numerous records of performance around tracks and in straight lines.”

One of the most significant updates is the inclusion of the “Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission” (LSTT) and the changes don’t end there, Koenigsegg introduced a significantly more potent electric motor called Dark Matter. This new motor generates an impressive 800 hp, representing a significant upgrade from the previous Quark electric motor, which produced 335 hp.

“Before we came up with the (Light Speed Tourbillon Transmission), it was impossible to believe we could fit a mid-engined V-8 configuration in the Gemera, given the large occupant space in comparison to the compact size of the Gemera,” von Koenigsegg said.

The 2.0-liter turbo-3 engine in its standard configuration delivers an impressive 600 hp, and when combined with the 800-hp Dark Matter motor, the total power output reaches 1,400 hp. Alternatively, you can choose the V-8 option, which generates an impressive 1,500 hp on its own. When paired with the Dark Matter motor, the combined output skyrockets to an astonishing 2,300 hp. Both powertrain will use a 14kWh battery and feature torque vectoring at each corner, boosting both agility and stability at speed.Koenigsegg Gemera

Just 300 Gemeras will be built. Big question three-cylinder or V8? What you gonna chose ?

In additional news, Koenigsegg has made an announcement regarding a significant expansion of its plant, referred to as the Gripen Atelier, located at the company’s headquarters in Ängelholm, Sweden.


Images Courtesy of Koenigsegg

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