How to Turn Your Property into a Luxury Home

How to Turn Your Property into a Luxury Home

Luxury homes don’t appear out of nowhere. Instead, they’re designed, created and nurtured into existence. If you’ve found a stunning property in the perfect location, don’t be put off by a less-than-luxury interior. With a comprehensive renovation plan, you can turn any property into an exclusive abode. For inspiration, take a look at these top … Read more

Finding The Right Property In Los Angeles

Wanting to live in Los Angeles can be an intimidating prospect. After all, the city is often thought of as a paradise exclusively reserved for multimillionaire movie stars. However, this is not strictly the case, though the elite are many in number. People of all kinds and backgrounds are welcome in LA to share in … Read more

The Most Luxurious Destinations For Property Investment

The hallmarks of the ultimate luxury property location are a warm environment and waterfront views. Invest in your next vacation home in one of those most sought-after areas for an unparalleled experience and a great return on your investment: The Maldives With a name synonymous with luxury, this exclusive location is for those who want … Read more

Top Tips for Purchasing Luxury Commercial Property in the UK

What better way to help your business stand out, than to invest in a luxury commercial property. There’s significant competition in practically all sectors these days, so it’s vital businesses do everything they can to stand out. Luxury premises are just one way you can gain an edge over your competitors, but they also provide … Read more

Argentinian Soccer Star Lionel Messi Buys $10.75M Mansion in Florida

It seems that Florida is emerging as a highly sought-after destination. Following the trend set by Gisele Bündchen, Argentinian soccer superstar Lionel Messi, who joined Inter Miami’s professional team in July, has acquired a waterfront estate in Fort Lauderdale for a sum of $10.75 million. Built in 1988 and designed by the Toronto-based designer Lori … Read more

Gisele Bundchen Buys Luxury Florida Horse Ranch for $9.1 Million

Renowned supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who is no stranger to opulence, has recently purchased a luxurious South Florida estate for a cool $9.1 million. Situated on a generous 7.5-acre plot in the Southwest Ranches development, the expansive residence includes a newly remodeled home with nine bedrooms, soccer facilities, tennis courts, an infinity pool with hot tub … Read more