Bandit9 EVE Odyssey Motorcycle Seems Fit For a Sci-Fi Movie

Bandit9 EVE Odyssey Motorcycle Seems Fit For a Sci-Fi Movie

Renowned motorcycle builder, Daryl Villanueva, who previously completed the EVE project and Bandit9 EVE MK II Motorcycle for M.A.D.Gallery, has unveiled the Eve Odyssey Motorcycle, a new creation that features a groundbreaking design that bridges the gap between motorcycle design and fine art. The attention to detail in the EVE Odyssey’s design is impressive, one … Read more

The Bandit9 Supermarine Motorcycle Will Haunt Your Dreams

Saigon-based bike builder Bandit9 is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has introduced its most ambitious project to date, the Supermarine. Developed from the ground by in-house aerospace, robotics and mechanical engineers, the Supermarine borrows its curves from leaping Mobula Rays and features a lightweight chassis made from 7075 aluminium, a material used in missiles, spacecraft, … Read more

Royal Enfield x Bandit9 Jaeger Motorcycle

Saigon-based bike builder Bandit9 is back with another stunning collaboration with Royal Enfield, the Bandit9 Jaeger. Based on the Continental GT 650. the details are pretty impressive, the bike comes with front fairing, fuel tank and rear cowl hand-shaped from surgical grade steel, custom clip-on handlebars and rear-set footpegs. The kit includes also a new … Read more

Bandit9 Supermarine Concept Is A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

Keeping it sleek. Bandit 9 is taking things to the next level and revealed images of their the latest concept, Bandit9 Supermarine. For the latest concept design Saigon-based motorcycle workshop abandoned the skies and looked to the depths, the new Supermarine is inspired by the graceful Mobula Ray. “We normally don’t show concept designs in … Read more

L-Concept by Bandit9 Is A Sculpture On Wheels

Daryl Villanueva, founder of Bandit9 is back with L-Concept, a fully functional sculpture on wheels, that pays tribute to some of the great science-fiction of the past. Modelled after the starship Enterprise from ‘Star Trek’ the Bandit9 L-Concept features a stainless-steel unibody tank and front cowl, crystal-white LED front headlight cluster, red LED grid-brake light … Read more

Bandit9 Dark Side Motorcycle Is Ready To Hit The Streets

The Force is strong with this one. Saigon-based bike builder Bandit9 has introduced a dark, dramatic, and beautiful motorcycle: the Bandit9 Dark Side. Made from lightweight steel coated in a high-temperature ceramic finish, the bike is equipped with a Harley Davidson Revolution X 750cc engine, LED front headlight, brake, and turn signals, a smoked windshield, … Read more

Bandit9 EVE MK II Motorcycle for M.A.D.Gallery

Saigon-based workshop Bandit9 has rolled out another shiny custom motorcycle. Created exclusively for the M.A.D.Gallery, the handcrafted artistry is based on a 1967 Honda Supersport 125cc and  features a unibody tank in a sleek bullet shape built from a single piece of hand-polished steel, cowhide leather seat, custom exhaust, exposed suspension, an electric starter and more. … Read more

Honda Supersport 125cc AVA by Bandit9

Daryl Villanueva from Bandit9 has rolled out another shiny custom motorcycle – AVA – a handcrafted motorcycle designed to revive the spirit and momentum of the Jet Age. Based on a Honda Supersport 125cc, it features a handcrafted steel unibody, handcrafted X front cowl , custom naked speedometer, front suspension , brake lights, steel exhaust … Read more

Bandit9 Panther Limited Edition

Saigon-based motorcycle workshop Bandit 9 revealed images of their take on the 2012 Triumph Bonneville T100. The handsome, two-wheeled beast features a modified frame, with all black everything and custom styling from head to tail. Like the rest of their bikes, they’re only making nine. Priced at $19,000USD, excludes shipping fee. Take a look at … Read more