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Bell & Ross Hits The Skies With The Vintage Racing Bird

Vintage Racing Bird
Following on from the success of B-Rocket, AeroGT, Bellytanker, Bell & Ross is back with another vehicle concept, an ultramodern single-seat, propeller-engine aircraft – The Vintage Racing Bird.

With its meticulously designed shape the Racing Bird is built entirely of high-tech material like graphite, fiberglass, titanium and aluminum alloy, the BR-Bird is powered by a V12 Rolls Royce Falcon developed on a Merlin base, capable to reach a maximum speed of 909 km/h (Mach 0.73).

To coincide with the rand’s BR-Bird racing plane design, Bell & Ross introduced two new timepieces: a three-hand model with date BRV1-92 and a chronograph the BRV2-94. Both versions are powered by a self-winding mechanical movement, and are limited to 999 pieces.

For more info be sure to pay a visit to Bell & Ross’ website.

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