This One-of-a-kind Bowmore ARC-52: The ‘Mokume Edition’ Could Be Yours

This One-of-a-kind Bowmore ARC-52: The ‘Mokume Edition’ Could Be Yours

Bowmore, the renowned Islay-based distillery, has partnered once again with the esteemed luxury automaker Aston Martin to create a stunning decanter for the incredibly rare 52-year-old vintage whisky produced by Bowmore Distillery. Drawing inspiration from the black rocks found in the bay of Loch Indaal, where the Bowmore Distillery is located, the ARC-52 decanter features … Read more

These are The 10 Best Audiophile Headphones for 2023

If you’re looking to purchase the top-notch audiophile headphones in 2023, then you’ve arrived at the appropriate destination. This week, we have curated a selection of the top-tier headphones in terms of luxury to aid you in experiencing your favorite tunes with the ultimate sound fidelity. 1. Yamaha YH-5000SE – $5,000 Yamaha made last year … Read more

The 11 Best Minimalist Wallets for Men in 2023

Over the past decade, the demand for minimalist wallets has skyrocketed, particularly in the realm of Kickstarter campaigns. With each new minimalist wallet design, manufacturers strive to create an even slimmer product than its predecessor, cramming as much functionality as possible into a compact design that can fit comfortably in the smallest of back pockets … Read more

A Conversation with Shantell Martin

Welcome to our interview series where we feature talented artists from around the world. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Shantell Martin, a British-born artist and philosopher known for her playful and intricate drawings, which combine elements of graffiti, fine art, and digital technology. Martin’s work is characterized by bold, continuous lines that … Read more

Gisele Bundchen Stars in Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Campaign

A decade after their well-received collaboration, French luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton is going dotty again teasing its second capsule collection with Japanese artist artist Yayoi Kusama. Photographed by legendary photographer Steven Meisel, Gisele is joined by top models Anok Yai and Fei Fei Sun. This year’s collaboration does not disappoint, bags get adorned in … Read more

Yamaha Unveils High-End Planar Magnetic Headphones for $5,000

Yamaha is making a return in full force to the orthodynamic headphones field introducing the new Yamaha YH-5000SE. Yamaha played a major role in history when it comes to orthodynamic headphones, in 1976 captivated audiophiles with the famed HP-1, a set of headphones equal to the artistry designed by renowned industrial designer Mario Bellini. Fusing … Read more

1955 Porsche 356 ‘Bonsai’ Speedster by Daniel Arsham

The beauty of imperfection – Inspired by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi, a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, American artist Daniel Arsham has reconceived his original 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster. According to Porsche, it took two years for the designer to bring his vision to life; at the exterior Matthew … Read more