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7 Features to Look for in Modern Luxury Vehicles

It feels close to impossible to keep up with the advancement of technology in today’s day and age. We’ve been following the evolution of cars over the past 100 years and it seems like it won’t be long before the 1908 Ford Model T gets buried in history books, obscured by the new, self-driving cars and flying vehicles that are sure to soon take center stage.Maserati GranTurismo

No doubt, the latest lineup of luxury vehicles boast the best-in-class features modern technology has to offer. What can you expect to see in new cars at the cusp of 2020? Here are seven must-have features we can’t help but marvel at.

  1. Remote Start

We’re talking about more than just push-to-start engines; that feature has been out for several years and has even made its way to middle class vehicles. Luxury cars take it a whole step further with remote control start systems. This allows you to use the key fob to ignite the engine even when you’re not actually in the car. Translation? You never need to sit inside a cold car waiting for it to warm up on a cold winter day.

  1. Heated Seats

Speaking of winter, you should expect luxury cars to come with standard heated seats. Other manufacturers might make you upgrade, but when you’re considering Audi lease specials in Las Vegas after hitting the jackpot, you should expect this feature to come standard in whatever model you’re looking at.

  1. Ventilated Seats

This feature is new but becoming more popular across luxury 2020 releases. They work the same way as heated seats, bringing climate control capability directly to the chair. Most drivers find that they don’t need to turn on the A/C when the seat vents are keeping them cool, which means that you can benefit from better gas mileage and avoid stuffy, circulated air.

  1. Rear Executive SeatsModern Luxury Vehicles

If you can afford a luxury vehicle, chances are that you have someone to take care of all your car maintenance and chauffeur you to wherever you need to go. For days that you’re not driving, you might want to look for a model that has executive rear seats in the cabin. Similar to airplane seats, these recline and extend to make your commute much more comfortable. They also typically have a full center console for convenience in addition to climate control.

  1. Massaging Seats

For our last note about seats, you might be surprised to learn that many luxury models actually come with massaging chairs that provide the kneading sensation you feel during typical massages. They’re made with as many as 10 little air bags that expand and deflate as you drive down the road. Mercedes-Benz is a leading car manufacturer that provides seven different models that come with the “active multicontour front seats with massage”:

  • E-Class Coupe, Sedan, Wagon, and Cabriolet
  • S-Class Coupe, Sedan, Cabriolet, and Maybach
  • CLS Coupe
  • GT 4 Door Coupe
  • GLE Coupe and SUV
  • SL Roadster

Stop by your local dealer to experience how driving one of these luxury cars could save you a trip to the spa.

  1. Active Suspension

Some of today’s most popular high-end cars are made with active suspension systems. These anticipate the severity of bumps in the road by using built-in sensors, then they adjust the wheels’ travel to minimize the bump’s impact upon passengers. As a result, bumps in the road are much more forgiving and far less jarring than they would be otherwise, delivering a ride that’s far more comfortable.

  1. Automatic Emergency Braking

The best features aren’t just about comfort, though. Modern luxury vehicles should boast cutting edge safety features, too — especially considering how fast most drivers punch the pedal to the metal. Automatic e-braking is a non-negotiable when shopping the latest releases. These systems apply the brakes all on their own to prevent a collision when they sense a vehicle is in its way. At the very least, they can help reduce the impact of a collision that can’t be avoided. One of our favorite luxury vehicles that boasts this technology is the 2020 Lexus RX 350, which comes standard with an assortment of advanced safety features.

Whether you’re looking at the powerful Lotus Evija or a modest BMW, make sure the luxury car of your choice comes equipped with these modern features.

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